Survival tip- hand weapons


Ideally you would want to avoid all hand-to-hand combat with the dead but be aware that you might be in a situation once the undead arise. Here are some things to consider when picking a hand weapon:

-How heavy is it? Would you be able to swing this weapon for long periods of time or would it wear you out right away. Will it be easy to carry around?

-Can it crush a skull. The only thing that stops the undead is destroying the brain.
-Will it last? Crushing the skull takes a lot of force. Will your weapon last multiple skull crushings? Take an aluminum bat for example. It’s lightweight and will work but after one-two beatings that bat will become useless. Novelty knives and swords might look cool but are worthless when used in real combat.

Two great suggestions for hand to hand weapons are a crowbar and a machete. Both objects are easy to acquire (both can be found at any hardware store or walmart). Both are relatively light and are durable. The machete’s purpose is for chopping through dense foliage and would great for decapitation. The crowbar can be used to hit over the head or to stab through the eye socket. The crowbar also has the added benefit of being a crowbar, being able to pry open doors and windows. Both are easy to aquire and don’t need special training to use.

Stay tuned for more tips. Thanks to Mr. Max Brooks and his ‘Zombie survival guide’ for all the great ideas. Stay alive.


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