The Brain Debate


Zombies have been the talk of the town in my area and people are starting to get interested. Friends are finding cartoons, and art revolving around the notion that zomies hunger specifically for brains. I am not sure where this notion came from. From the early begginings of zombie lore up until now, zombies have not been specifically drawn to the brain (or moaned ‘brains’ for that matter). The one constant in zombie feeding is human flesh. Notice that zombies do not feed off of each other, they seem to crave living human flesh. We are not sure what causes this but it is a constant.

So the issue of brains. Personally, I believe it’s due to ignorance. I think one person at one time made a comment or a joke or whatever and it stuck. A cliche’ or catch phrase. My friend Treezoy says it’s the “Judy, Judy” theory. The “Judy, Judy” theory is a theory that’s based on the actor Carey Grant. Usually when people imitate him they say “Judy, Judy”. The more people said it the more it stuck. What’s interesting (Treezoy tells me) is that Carey Grant never said it. Then how did catch the phrase get attached to him? I have no clue. Why have brains become the zomie catch phrase? The 80’s are to blame (more on that later). Your thoughts…


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