Actual Zombie Occurences in Nature

Zombie cockroach

Zombie cockroach

So the topic of conversation lately has been… You guessed it. Zombies. One of my friends had just heard something of a zombie cockroach and did some research. Apparently the zombie cockroach is real. Instead of being a mindless cockroach cannibal with an insatiable appetite for it’s own kind, the zombie cockroach is actually the prey.

Here’s the story. A specific kind of wasp called Ampulex compressa, injects venom into the cockroaches brain leaving it helpless and zombie like. One source says the cockroach is pulled into the wasp’s underground lair (1), another says the wasp use the roach’s antennae to steer the roach to its lair (2). In either case, the zombified roach becomes an incubator and cafeteria for the wasps eggs. It’s like lobotomy.  Could this be an actual zombie occurrence in nature? You decide.

To read more about this interesting phenomena visit the links below.


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