Are We Really Becoming Digital Zombies?

I recently saw a blog post with this title so I was obviously interested. Instead of being a true zombie article the post posed the question are we becoming digital zombies? The question stemming from the over stimuli you and I receive on a daily basis. Basically are we becoming desensitized from all the digital data input we get?

Check out some of these interesting stats:

According to calculations in the report (by researchers at the University of California, San Diego), that daily information diet includes about 100,000 words, both those read in print and on the Web as well as those heard on television and the radio. By comparison, Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” contains about 460,000 words.

The researchers, who built their work on previous studies of information consumption, found that Americans take in data through various channels, including the television, radio, the Web, text messages and video games. Most of this time is spent in front of screens watching TV-related content, averaging nearly five hours of daily consumption.

Second is radio, which the average American listens to for about 2.2 hours a day. The computer comes in third, at just under two hours a day. Video games take up about an hour, and reading takes up 36 minutes.

Most of these experiences happen simultaneously, like talking on the phone while checking e-mail, or instant messaging while watching TV.

So the question is a metaphorical one: Are We Really Becoming Digital Zombies?

Visit the original post here.


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